- who we are in a few words -


since 2010 in love with the best girl in universe ♥ - naturally blonde - reading – Lord of the Rings – writing – vegetarian – little things in life – Canon EOS 1100D ♥ - speaks Deutsch, English, français, ру́сский язы́к och lite svenska – dancing – Poets of the Fall ♥ – no alcohol, cigarettes, energy drinks, coffee or drugs – night ♥ – can’t talk about feelings – to-do-lists – butterflies – orthography and grammatic freak – pause to enjoy the moment



singing  ♥ – Ibanez – playing guitar since 2001 – dancing – speaking before thinking – into politics – mushrooms – night ♥ – cooking -  Silent Hill – Silverstein ♥ - technology geek – Simon’s Cat – concerts – laughing – vegetarian – not good with words – justice-freak – Anime – Coke – over-excited – critical – furniture stores ♥ - no (il)legal drugs – since 2010 completed perfectly by the most beautiful girl in the whole world ♥

- what's about sexbooksandheavymetal? -

What's the content of this blog?
sexbooksandheavymetal is a personal fashion and music blog which was founded in 2014 by Casey Nonsense and Eden Sparks to share the things we love the most - music, books, fashion and the daily things in life it's worth talking about.

Why did we choose this name?
To be honest - because this is our motto, how we live and these are the three things we love the most. And even if the "sex" isn't a big topic here.. What should we say? We are a couple, the name is a kind of a gag.

Why do you blog?
Casey already had a page on another platform [click] and just missed the community which the Internet offers. And she wanted to found something new with Eden. Maybe it was just an experiment. But first of all we want to have a place where we can store all these moments which result in life.

we hope, you enjoy your time at sexbooksandheavymetal :)

Casey & Eden